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Welcome To Tucson’s FIRST Interactive Digital Window

Please have a look around, and don’t hesitate to get in touch if you might be interested in one for your own business. ¬†We’re still fine-tuning things a bit, but our system will enable businesses to utilize their own websites without expensive (and useless) ongoing software royalties.

Enjoy –

Kent Simpson
Digital Window Systems



Steve Martin on said: Reply

I’m very interested in your use of the Leap Motion system for displaying real estate listings. I’ve been trying to come up with something, like you have, for the big front windows of our ReMax office.

    Kent & Emmary Simpson on said: Reply

    Hi Steve –

    This system doesn’t utilize Leap Motion – I’ve found that consumers don’t quite feel comfortable, or know what to do to make that work for them. Perhaps in a couple of years when people get used to the technology…and the technology itself gets more refined.

    If you’re interested, I’m putting together so-it-yourself packages of the system I put together. Feel free to contact me directly so that we can chat about your needs and the details of my system. I’ve already got inquiries from North Carolina, Minnesota & the Phoenix area!

    Kent Simpson

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